ViP Concierge

When technology challenges arise, there is nothing more unsettling than not knowing who to ask for help to or where to take your product for service. 

Our ViP Concierge Subscription service is designed to help you get the right product, and take advantage of our trade-in program and easy payment plans to make your purchase more affordable. 

You will have a direct connection to your ViP Concierge, a local Apple expert that speaks your language, lives in your community, and has the knowledge and experience to guide you to a solution.

We want to make sure you get up and running with your new product smoothly.  Because of this, when you purchase a Mac, iPhone, iPhone, or Apple Watch the first month of your ViP Concierge Subscription is included complimentary.

A ViP Concierge Subscription must be selected for every purchase. Your ViP Concierge will then contact you to review your purchase, discuss delivery timelines, local services that you may require, and ensure that we are able to meet your overall expectations.

If you prefer to have your ViP Concierge contact you prior to your purchase to discuss your needs, financing, or trade-in options, simply checkout with just your preferred ViP Concierge at $0 and they will contact you within 24 hours. 

You will only need to do this quiz once,  and your ViP Concierge will be permanently assigned to you.  If you would like to change your answers to be matched with a different ViP Concierge,  simply return to the quiz and re-take it.